“Dragonfly strives to focus on the growth and development of each individual, they develop leaders within the work place. Staff are encouraged to meet their patients’ needs with quality care and allowed the time to do so. Also, this company is always accommodating and allows a great work/personal life balance, Dragonfly truly is the best place to work.”

“Dragonfly Therapy will always do what’s right for the patient and for the employee before anything else. There is constant effort to facilitate what is right for the patient and the healthcare system as whole. Dragonfly therapy is a breath of fresh air in today’s society and I would recommend this organization as a place to work and receive care to everyone.”

“I’ve worked for several therapy companies in the past, but none compare to Dragonfly Therapy. I can honestly say, without reservations, that this company is doing things the right way to not only produce the best possible service for customers, but an outstanding work environment for employees. Dragonfly Therapy prides itself on facilitating an environment of caring individuals, a drama free work environment, and a culture of success.”

“Unlike most work places, Dragonfly genuinely wants me to be happy and wants me to have a healthy work/life balance. I’m encouraged to think freely, speak freely and perform to the best of my ability. They believe that a happy employee is a hard-working employee – and it shows. We respect and inspire each other to bring out our best every day. Our patients receive top quality care as a result – which is the biggest reward of all!”

“Dragonfly Therapy is an AMAZING place to work. This is a company of integrity, always striving to be better in every way – for our patients, employees, and community. Dragonfly encourages the professional growth of all on our team, encouraging front line staff to take active roles in how, why, and where we are headed in the future, valuing each employee’s thoughts and ambitions.”

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Joe Schmo, CEO<br>St. Mary’s Hospital

With Dragonfly’s help, we were able to cut costs in both PT, OT, and the ER departments. They’re professional, great to work with, and incredible strategic thinkers.

Jane Doe, COO<br>St. Joseph’s Hospital