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It begins with great partnerships

For nearly a decade our hospital and healthcare systems partners have chosen Dragonfly to produce transformative results for their rehabilitation departments. Our partners believe in setting high standards to achieve the most positive patient outcomes and the greatest efficiencies for their rehabilitation departments. We understand that in order to be successful we must be committed to delivering exceptional care while minimizing waste, effort, and expense.

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$487K is the total cost savings in the first three years at one hospital.
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$100K is the 12-month cost savings for therapy services at one hospital.
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94% is the increase in patients receiving physical therapy on the day of joint replacement surgery at one hospital.
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96% of Dragonfly employees report being highly engaged.

Our Story

We were first established in 2005 as a private physical therapy practice, dedicated to providing comprehensive and exceptional care by working closely with our patients and their doctors. As our practice evolved, we discovered a need for more strategic partnerships with the hospitals and healthcare systems who serve our patients. In 2012 Dragonfly was formed and we began teaming up with our healthcare partners to create more efficient and effective hospital rehabilitation departments.

Today we partner with hospitals and healthcare systems to build exceptional rehabilitation departments with a focus on enhanced patient care. We recruit, hire, and develop highly skilled physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy staff who are aligned with the goals, missions, and needs of our healthcare partners and their clients.

Our mission: We strive to be the light that inspires possibilities. How can we inspire you?

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