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We provide rehabilitation teams that are fully aligned, highly engaged, and passionate about what they do – skilled physical, occupational, and speech therapists who collaborate to improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs. Our teams align with hospitals and healthcare systems to discover inefficiencies, strategize process improvements, and create a better healthcare experience for everyone involved.


$ 0 K
$487K is the total cost savings in the first three years at one hospital.
$ 0 K
$100K is the 12-month cost savings for therapy services at one hospital.
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94% is the increase in patients receiving physical therapy on the day of joint replacement surgery at one hospital.
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96% of Dragonfly employees report being highly engaged.
Dragonfly is revolutionizing the way rehabilitation departments operate to achieve optimal patient care, peak efficiency, and unmatched financial results.


At Dragonfly, we’re always looking for people who provide great patient care as a part of a kind, efficient, and collaborative team.

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For better outcomes, you need better partners. Let us show you how Dragonfly our teams can make a real impact in your organization.

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